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Campaign Associates – a vital connection for Workplace Campaigns  

Every year, local organizations and unions generously sponsor or loan employees for a 16-week term to help United Way keep our costs down and raise funds through our Fall workplace campaigns. This incredible show of local love by our generous partners means that more of every dollar raised can be invested right back into our community where it’s needed most. 

Campaign Associates come to United Way from different stages in life, from different industry sectors, from different day jobs, and with a myriad of different skills. During their term at United Way, Campaign Associates are an extension of our fundraising team and help manage over 400 organization and union accounts. Each and every one of our Campaign Associates makes our team stronger. 

United Way could not do any of the vital work that we do in our local communities without this incredible support. The Campaign Associate program is a clear and tangible example of one of the ways we work together with our partners to make our communities better for everyone. 

What is a Campaign Associate? 

A Campaign Associate is an employee who is loaned (seconded) from their organization or sponsored by an organization to work for 16 weeks during United Way’s annual Fall fundraising campaign from September to December.  They act as fundraising project managers while leading volunteers and inspiring donors to make a positive impact in our community.  

In return for their time and assistance, Campaign Associates gain valuable professional development and networking opportunities during a fun, action-packed work term. 

Interested in becoming a Campaign Associate? 

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Expand your network, learn new skills and earn academic credits with BCIT. 

Thanks to an innovative partnership with BCIT, participants in United Way’s Campaign Associate Program are awarded academic credit for hours worked, volunteer time and training towards two Associate Certificates. 

Interested in loaning or sponsoring a Campaign Associate? You’ll be in good company! 

Participating in the United Way Campaign Associate Program is a win-win-win all around!  

Campaign Associates effectively triple United Way’s fundraising staff at no extra cost and allow us to provide outstanding service to our partners and donors.  

Participants return to their organizations with a host of new and upgraded skills and their organization benefits from positive public exposure.

Organizations proudly supporting the Campaign Associate Program 

These partners generously contributed two Campaign Associates in 2021:

Loan us your star employee or sponsor a Campaign Associate

Loaned employees apply for a Campaign Associate position through their workplace and continue to be paid by their employer during their 16-week work term at United Way.  

Sponsored associates are hired by United Way and are paid a bi-weekly honorarium by the sponsoring organization. Sponsored Campaign Associates often include co-op students, retirees and/or professionals in transition. 

Each and every one of our Campaign Associates is an asset that makes our team stronger.