United Way British Columbia provides funding to non-profit organizations in the following areas: children and youth, food security, healthy aging, urgent response and more.

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At United Way, we strengthen vital connections that support people in need in local communities across our province. One way we do this is through our various grant streams. These grants help to build a strong social support network by providing programs and services for communities in need. Our intention is to be responsive during challenging and urgent times to ensure our friends and neighbours are cared for and connected. Our grant streams are available throughout the year. Updated information can be found on this page.

Working together, we can build inclusive, resilient communities.

Recovery And Resiliency Fund

The Recovery and Resiliency Fund is a new fund made possible through a partnership between Government of BC, Vancouver Foundation, and United Way British Columbia to distribute $30 million to charities and non-profit organizations across the province. The fund will be disbursed over three years. 

This Fund provides multi-year, unrestricted grants to eligible organizations that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. A portion of the Fund – the Indigenous Resilience and Recovery Grant (IRR Grant) – will go to New Relationship Trust to provide funding directly to organizations that are led by or serve Indigenous Peoples in their post-pandemic recovery.

United Way Funds

Emergency Preparedness and Response

United Way British Columbia (UWBC) is announcing funding for emergency preparedness and response for community-based senior serving organizations across the province. Projects must provide innovative community-driven responses/initiatives supporting vulnerable older people disproportionally impacted by extreme weather events.

Funding from this stream is for community-based organizations to develop practical, innovative and/or low-barrier solutions that support the health and safety of isolated and/or vulnerable seniors during extreme weather events, including mobilizing and/or coordinating efforts of community-based seniors’ services organizations. Examples of eligible expenses include program supplies, partnership development, salary for positions geared towards the intent of this call, equipment, transportation, etc.

Emergency Preparedness and Response grants are awarded on a one-year term to be expended by August 31, 2023. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning July 4, 2022, and will be awarded based on available funds and to accommodate seasonal need.

The intention is to provide support to agencies that have been successful in meeting the needs of the older adults in their communities.

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