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Bringing together the power of many to help those affected by BC Wildfires.

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Starting in July 2021, United Way has been working with communities and individuals impacted by the BC wildfires in their recovery efforts.

After starting an emergency support phase that saw the provision of vital food supplies, support vouchers, and agency grants to help with a wide range of community issues, we moved into long-term recovery efforts to help rebuild and recover.

A variety of programs and essential supports will be critical as BC residents recover physically and emotionally from the devastation of wildfires within our local communities. The United for BC Wildfire Recovery Fund plays an important role in helping affected communities recover from the devastation resulting from the wildfires. Funds go towards addressing important needs like permanent housing, food assistance, trauma, and mental health support.

To find out more about the impact we had during our initial emergency phase, see our first-stage report.

Since Fall 2021 we have been in the second phase of this Fund, focused on long-term recovery. Please read more about this work and our future plans.

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