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Bringing together the power of many to help those affected by BC Wildfires.

A variety of programs and essential supports will be critical as BC residents recover physically and emotionally from the devastation of wildfires within our local communities. The United for BC Wildfire Recovery Fund plays an important role in helping affected communities recover from the devastation resulting from the wildfires. Funds go towards addressing important needs like permanent housing, food assistance, trauma and mental health support.

During the wildfires of 2017, United Ways across BC raised more than $170,000.00 to support the recovery and rebuilding of communities most affected. The wildfire events in the province in 2021 have already proven that a similar response will be critical to individual recovery through the power of community wraparound services.

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If you are interested in making a philanthropic gift to the United for BC Wildfire Recovery Fund, please contact our philanthropy team at or on 604.294.8929 ext. 2208

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In response to the impact wildfires are having on BC communities, United Way has launched the United for BC Wildfire Recovery Fund campaign to raise funds that will address important social needs like finding permanent housing, food assistance, trauma and mental health supports, and rebuilding social infrastructure.

  • United Way is in a unique position as we have connections within all affected areas through our community partners and positions on collaborative tables throughout the region. With an “ear to the ground” we are able to nimbly respond to the needs as they arise from our funded partners and communities we serve.

  • Grants from the United for BC Wildfire Recovery Fund will support those who are displaced or have lost housing, belongings and/or employment, suffered physical or mental health trauma, as well as for the provision of health and safety education. The Fund will run throughout the wildfire season ensuring local people have access to urgent aid, and as emergency needs are reduced, support for recovering and rebuilding their lives.

    This includes:

    • Basic needs assistance: Providing basic support and assistance to protect the safety and lives of people directly impacted.
    • Food security: Through UWBC’s existing Food Hubs and Hi Neighbour program, the Fund will provide meals to wildfire evacuees and first responders across BC. Donations will support the procurement, packaging and delivery of goods and services to vulnerable BC communities in need.
    • Mental health support: Providing mental health services and trauma counselling to those directly impacted by wildfires as they work to rebuild their lives and recover.
    • Pop-up day camps for kids: Developing therapeutic day camps for children in wildfire-impacted communities to help them have a sense of normalcy this summer, receive trauma-informed care and education, and help mitigate any learning losses.
    • Legal services to low-income families: Supporting families to access and navigate legal services regarding home and personal insurance.
    • Social connection: Providing social activities for citizens who have lost their communities. This may include community dinners, trauma support groups and Indigenous learning circles.
    • Grants for recovery and rebuilding: Providing grants to non-profit agencies and institutions in surrounding areas to support additional evacuee capacity and support.

  • As with all funds received, United Way BC is committed to transparency in dollars raised and distributed as a part of the Wildfire Recovery Fund. Dollars will be invested into local initiatives and programs across the Province that support all recovery efforts as a result of the wildfires. UWBC is committed to distributing all funds in a timely manner and to report out to donors and partners how their dollars have been invested. Please visit Financial Statements – United Way ( for copies of our most recent financial statements.

  • Contact: 604-294-8929 or

Are you an organization that’s helping with wildfire relief that needs funding?

United Way is relaunching its United for BC Wildfire Recovery Fund to help provide immediate and long-term assistance through non-profit agencies. We have already contributed an initial $200,000 to the fund, which aims to help displaced residents, and those who have lost housing, belongings or employment.
Funding can be used for immediate and ongoing relief efforts, long term recovery, resiliency, and preparedness for future events in British Columbia and impacted regions, including consequential events related to the fires.

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  • We recognize the immediate need to respond and support those individuals and communities that have been affected. To ensure the greatest impact, grants will support essential non-profit agencies in re-building supportive programs within effected regions.

    Grants from the UWBC Wildfire Recovery Fund will support those who were displaced or lost housing, belongings and/or employment, or suffered physical or mental health trauma, health and safety education. Grants will support essential non-profit agencies to re-build their programs and or/ identify emerging and unmet need because of the BC wildfires in the community you serve.

    Funding is limited ensure you submit applications as soon as you have an immediate need or foresee an unmet need for recovery efforts.

    • To support intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for major BC wildfires,
    • To support relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of devastating BC wildfires

  • United Way BC Wildfire Recovery Funds are available to organizations with a charitable registration number.

    Email Maya at to get set up on our E-Access Platform. From here, all eligible agencies will be prompted to complete the application.

    • Options for alternative submissions include an oral or video submission (in addition to a written budget)
    • Contact Jasica at for more information

    • Community events where a profit is being made by the organization
    • Projects that require adherence to a specific faith
    • Initiatives that would result in double recuperation of funds (for example for items or services covered by insurance)
    • Costs for major capital equipment/ renovations and minor renovations and financing of deficits
    • Projects with political activities
    • Research projects

    • Case management services,
    • Basic needs assistance,
    • Mental health services
    • Legal services to support to low-income families
    • Support efforts to provide additional wildfire preparedness training workshops
    • Development of plans, train and social or therapeutic “pop up day camps” for children in wildfire impacted communities; these camps support family recovery with trauma-informed care and education to mitigate both learning losses and providing a healthy environment to begin processing impacts of wildfires in their community
    • Provide meals to wildfire evacuees and first responders across BC through the food hub model, specifically to cover expenses for goods and services provided to vulnerable BC communities in 2021

  • Funds are available from $10,000-$30,000 and with details on how and when funds will be expended, and activities completed.

  • The process for funding decisions aims to strike a balance between a complex set of needs: (a) the need for transparency and openness (e.g. open procurement), (b) the need for a rapid response to new and evolving conditions, and (c) the need for due diligence and accountability.

    This is a rolling grant application with decisions being made weekly. The application for this funding opportunity opens July 13th, 2021 and closes when available funds have been depleted.

    All applicants will be notified of either an approval or decline.

    With a rolling intake process for applications, and a quick review/decision, it is important to note that UWBC will be seeking a geographic balance in how funds are invested throughout the effected regions.

  • Funds may be used to support work in part of all of the funding period (for example, applicants may wish to use their entire grant to cover work in Summer only). Large regional organizations, wishing to launch supports in multiple communities/neighbourhoods, can submit more than one application.

    In line with the rapid response and evolving nature of this work, reporting will take on three forms:

    1. Monthly Output Report: a basic report of actual figures and impact stories, submitted by 4pm on the 30th for every month that the work is happening.
    2. Final Summary Report: To include impact and outputs along with a complete financial reconciliation, submitted at the end of your project/program. There may be a requirement for additional evaluation reporting. Requirement of this reporting would be shared as soon as possible, and UWBC staff will provide support as appropriate.

    Funding will be available to ‘qualified donee organizations’ (see CRA definitions) providing services throughout the Province. Applicants who do not have a charitable number will require a sponsored agency to supplement their application and adhere to CRA requirements.

    Applications cannot request funds to cover the same costs of activities for which they have applied for support from another intermediary, another federal response program, or a different source. The application process will ask organizations to disclose if they are receiving government funding from other sources.

  • All funding recipients must sign a Funding Agreement that includes the following conditions:

    1. Funds will be used for the program/project as approved by UWBC;
    2. All funds received from UWBC must be expended during the timeframe specified by the grant;
    3. Written approval will be required from designated UWBC staff prior to any funding, operational, and/or timeline changes to the original approved proposal;
    4. Monthly Output Reports and a Final Report will be submitted (templates will be provided).
    5. UWBC’s support will be acknowledged in all communication and promotional materials pertaining to this program/project

  • For more information on the Wildfire Recovery Fund 2021, please contact If you have technical questions about the application process, please contact

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