Gift of Securities

Donating a gift of securities is an amazing way to give even more generously to United Way, ensuring a bright future for communities across British Columbia.

Making a gift of appreciated securities to United Way is a smart, tax-effective way to support your community. Your taxable gains will be eliminated, meaning you can give the current market value of your securities. This means making a larger impact for your local community and receiving larger tax benefits personally.

United Way recommends that you seek professional advice from your financial advisor to identify the most tax-effective method of giving for you.

Would you like to discuss making a tax-effective donation of securities?
Please contact Peter Ko.

Start your gift

To make a gift of securities today, please fill out the Share Transfer Form and return it to

More information on publicly traded securities

Since 2006, the capital gains on gifts of publicly traded securities to public charities has been eliminated. Publicly traded securities are all securities listed on Canadian and major international exchanges. This includes stocks, trust units, exchange-traded funds, warrants, etc., as well as mutual fund units and bonds. The donation must be an “in kind” transfer of the security itself, rather than cash proceeds of a sale of the security. The transfer is best made electronically from the donor’s investment account to the charity’s custody or brokerage account.

How to make a gift of securities

Please fill out our Share Transfer Form and return it to Peter Ko at Once this has been received and approved by United Way, you will be given our account information. You can then instruct your broker to initiate the trade to transfer your securities.

Tax receipt information

Once your gift has transferred successfully, you will receive a tax receipt for the market value of your donation. The value of the donation for tax purposes shall be the price ruling at close of business on the date of donation.