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Bringing together the power of many to help those affected by BC Flooding.

A variety of programs and essential supports will be critical as BC residents respond and recover physically and emotionally from the devastation of floods throughout our province. The United for BC Flood Response Fund will play an important role in helping affected communities in the aftermath of these floods. Funds go towards addressing important needs like housing, food assistance, trauma and mental health support. 

During the wildfires of 2021, United Way BC raised more than $545,870 to support the needs of communities most affected, and a similar response is now critically needed to support individual response and recovery after flooding through the power of community wraparound services.

To find out more about our impact in 2021/22, click here to see our impact statistics.

If you would like to support the rebuilding and recovery process after flooding in similar ways, please donate today. 

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Questions? For general inquiries please call 604.294.8929 or email info@uwbc.ca.

If you are interested in making a major gift to the United for BC Flood Response Fund, please contact our philanthropy team at philanthropy@uwbc.ca or on 604.294.8929 ext. 2208.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • In response to the impact floods are having on BC communities, United Way has launched the United for BC Flood Response Fund to raise dollars that will address important social needs like shelter, food assistance, trauma and mental health supports, and the rebuilding social infrastructure. 

  • United Way is in a unique position as we have connections within all affected areas through our community partners and positions on collaborative tables throughout the region. With an “ear to the ground” we are able to nimbly respond to the needs as they arise from our funded partners and communities we serve. 

  • The United for BC Flood Response Fund will support those who are displaced or have lost housing, belongings and/or employment, suffered physical or mental health trauma, as well as urgent needs. The Fund will ensure local people have access to urgent aid, and as emergency needs are reduced, support for recovering and rebuilding their lives. 

    This includes: 

    • Basic needs assistance: Providing basic support and assistance to protect the safety and lives of people directly impacted. 
    • Food security: Through UWBC’s existing Food Hubs and Hi Neighbour program, the Fund will provide meals for evacuees and first responders across BC. Donations will support the procurement, packaging and delivery of goods and services to vulnerable BC communities in need. 
    • Mental health support: Providing mental health services and trauma counselling to those directly impacted by flooding as they work to rebuild their lives and recover. 
    • Legal services to low-income families: Supporting families to access and navigate legal services regarding home and personal insurance. 
    • Social connection: Providing social activities for citizens who have lost their communities. This may include community dinners, trauma support groups and Indigenous learning circles. 
    • Grants for recovery and rebuilding: Providing grants to non-profit agencies and institutions in surrounding areas to support additional evacuee capacity and support. 

  • As with all funds received, United Way BC is committed to transparency in dollars raised and distributed as a part of the Flood Response Fund. Dollars will be invested into local initiatives and programs across the Province that support all recovery efforts as a result of the floods. UWBC is committed to distributing all funds in a timely manner and to report out to donors and partners how their dollars have been invested. Please visit Financial Statements – United Way (uwlm.ca) for copies of our most recent financial statements. 

  • Contact: 604-294-8929 or info@uwbc.ca

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