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For youth aging out of government care, pursuing post-secondary education without family support may seem like an impossible dream. Your generosity helps make it a reality.

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For years, Natasha lived one day at a time. 

She had ‘aged-out’ of government care at age 19 and had no family or friends to support her while she tried to make it on her own in the real world. For several years, she did her best with what limited resources she had – even living without a home for a time. 

But surviving wasn’t good enough for Natasha. She wanted a better life. 

When Natasha made the courageous decision to apply to Douglas College, her last completed level of education was Grade 6.  

“When I decided to go back to school, I had to work extremely hard to do my upgrading to be accepted into my program,” she says. “This was stressful enough without adding a financial burden into the mix and wondering how I would go to school and get supplies like textbooks that I needed to be successful and pay some of my bills with absolutely no outside support in my life.” 

Natasha turned to the Youth Futures Education Fund (YFEF) to fill the gap in resources provided to former youth-in-care who are taking steps to improve their lives by pursuing further education. 

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In BC, former youth-in-care have access to the Tuition Waiver Program, provided by the provincial government, that helps cover tuition and mandatory fees for eligible students at post-secondary institutions. However, meeting basic living expenses is an ongoing challenge. Many former youth-in-care have few family supports they can rely on to help meet their daily needs, such as food, shelter, and transportation. In fact, it costs a student approximately $26,400 annually for rent, phone, transit, and food.   

Through a low-barrier application process, youth can apply for YFEF funds based on their specific needs, whether it’s a small amount needed for a calculator or a more substantial amount for tools like a laptop and desk. Last year, 492 students received more than $600,000, with the smallest allocation at just $20 and the largest at $6,500. 

Today, Natasha is 29 years old and studying to become a youth worker, with a big goal to make a difference in the lives of sexually exploited youth. 

“Without Youth Futures Education Fund support I would have struggled to further my education, working towards establishing an impactful career and promising future,” Natasha says. “Funding from the fund helped to reduce the financial barriers I was facing as a full-time student.” 

Throughout the summer, post-secondary students will be planning for their next semester by purchasing textbooks, acquiring materials, and finding a place to live near school. This year, the need for support is greater. We anticipate more than 800 youth will access the program – almost double the number of students we supported last year.  With your help, we can provide some much-needed stability and consistency for students like Natasha. 

Be here. For brighter futures. Donate today. For tomorrow. 

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Education is the pathway to a brighter future.

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Elanis’ Story

Elanis reached out to the Youth Futures Education Fund for help while attending Thompson Rivers University to become a social worker. After spending time in foster care as a toddler, Elanis was adopted at 6 years old and bonded with her adoptive father. His death when Elanis was a teenager was heart-breaking and sent her back into government care until she aged-out of the system. 

Now a young adult, Elanis is in her final year of school to become a child welfare social worker. Her lived experience is a strong driver for wanting to help other youth as they navigate life in foster care.

With your support, Elanis is able to give back to her community in a meaningful way. “I’m really grateful for your help and that you have invested in my education, you’ve invested in my career and my future,” Elanis says. “I can’t say it enough. Thank you for your contribution.” 

Tap or click the image to hear from Elanis directly how the Youth Futures Education Fund has impacted her education.

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