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Supporting those living with brain injuries

The devastating impact of a wildfire is so much more than the physical threat to homes and property.  The trauma response of being evacuated, being on alert, being forced indoors due to heavy smoke, or the uncertainty of the future, impacts each person differently.  When you have a healthy brain, it’s tough.  When you’ve had a brain injury, it can be so much more challenging.

United Way British Columbia is working with BrainTrust Canada, providing much needed grants to help support wildfire survivors with acquired brain injuries get back on their feet in the aftermath of the most recent natural disaster.

“Our partnership with United Way BC emphasizes our shared commitment to the most vulnerable members of our communities,” Amanda McFarlane, Executive Director of BrainTrust Canada said. “Those living with brain injuries face unique challenges daily, and these challenges are only amplified during community crisis. Together, we strive to provide them the support they need, ensuring they’re not overlooked or forgotten in the fact of disasters.”

These funds will help cover expenses like mental health and counselling supports, emergency food hampers, and grocery gift cards.  It will help increase capacity to reach clients, purchase clothing, bedding and hygiene items, and emergency transportation funds for those with acquired brain injuries in the Southern Interior.

Your generous donations are making an incredible difference for your neighbours, right now, as we move into recovery.

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