United Way CEO Salary
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United Way CEO Salary

When donors are wondering where their dollars go, United Way BC promises transparency, including CEO Salary and administrative costs.

“Where does the money go?”

It’s one of the most common questions donors ask when deciding where to donate their hard-earned money.  At United Way British Columbia, we are committed to transparency and accountability when it comes to how each dollar is spent, including the CEO salary.

United Way British Columbia is an organization that operates with a multi-million dollar budget, working to tackle very complex social challenges in the communities we serve.  Just like public and private companies, charities face a high demand for people with skills and experience, and the competition for qualified employees today is fierce.  United Way BC’s commitment to providing their staff with a living wage that honours their qualifications helps them attract people with the right combination of skills, experience, and responsibility required to do this work. 

Strengthening vital connections to support people in need is what we do, and donor dollars make it possible.  That’s why accountability and transparency are at the heart of every financial decision United Way BC makes, so hiring staff who live and breathe the organization’s core values is as important as the skills they bring.

United Way CEO Salary

So, what are our core values?

To be Collaborative, Compassionate, Strategic, Responsive, Accountable, and Inspiring.  These qualities apply to every level of employee and transparency is critical.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires charities to provide the salary ranges of their most highly paid employees, including the United Way CEO salary. United Way BC determines what Executives earn based on a comparison with charities of a similar size, an accurate assessment of the roles and responsibilities, and a commitment to spending dollars wisely. As standard practice, the salary ranges, without names and specific salaries, are published on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Included in the information on the CRA website is the amount being spent on administration costs, another frequently asked question.  From United Way CEO salary to overhead expenses, the organization works hard to keep administration costs low. On average, 85% of dollars raised are invested in local communities through agencies we help fund or programs and initiatives delivered directly by United Way BC. That leaves approximately 15% of revenues to cover fundraising and administrative expenses. Our financial statement is readily available on our website, as is our Annual Report, which further describes the work we do and programs we fund.

When it comes to the use of the dollars you donate to United Way BC, or any other non-profit organization, it is your right to know how funds are used. At United Way British Columbia, all dollars raised locally, stay local, and we thank you for trusting in the work we do on your behalf.

United Way British Columbia: Here. For each other.