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Public Policy Institute Welcomes Carole James as new Faculty Lead

UWBC will welcome a new era with Carole James starting as faculty lead in 2022.

Mike Harcourt retires from 11-year term as program faculty lead

Public Policy Institute will be undergoing changes to its leadership as long-time faculty lead Mike Harcourt, former Premier of British Columbia (1991-1996) will be retiring from his role. UWBC will welcome a new era with Carole James starting as faculty lead in 2022.

Mike Harcourt, Public Policy Institute Faculty Lead (2011-2021)

Mike Harcourt has been an integral part of the Public Policy Institute (PPI) since its inception. As a well-known and respected political leader, Mike has had a tremendous impact on the development of leaders in the non-profit space in his role as PPI’s faculty lead.

“Throughout the years, students have benefitted from Mike’s deep knowledge and expertise in governance and the public policy space. Mike’s legacy as faculty lead is seen in the paths that students have forged as changemakers upon completing the program,” said Michael McKnight, UWBC President and CEO.

“To educate, mentor and develop non-profit leaders in my role as faculty lead at PPI has been a very rewarding period in my post-political life,” said Mike Harcourt. “I am thrilled to pass the baton to my colleague, Carole James. I know she will do a tremendous job as the new faculty lead next year and students will have an enriching experience learning from someone of Carole’s calibre.”

As a former Deputy Premier of British Columbia and Minister of Finance under current Premier, John Horgan, Carole James will bring significant experience in policymaking and governance to her role as faculty lead. PPI students will continue to benefit from a faculty that is world-class and renowned.

Carole James, Public Policy Institute Faculty Lead, 2021 – Current
“I look forward to starting my tenure as faculty lead at the Public Policy Institute. I have always been committed to mentoring throughout my career, and I’m excited to continue mentoring changemakers who look to make a positive societal impact with their work,” said Carole James.
UWBC CEO Michael McKnight adds, “We are thrilled that Carole James will be joining the Public Policy Institute as faculty lead. Carole has blazed many trails in government in her various leadership roles in the provincial legislature, most notably as the first woman to serve as Leader of the Official Opposition. We know Carole will make a great impact as an educator and mentor to the careers of the emerging leaders who participate in the program each year.”

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