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Harvest Time is a Beautiful Thing

It’s harvest time and once again Interior Community Savings was up for the challenge.

It’s harvest time and once again Interior Community Savings was up for the challenge. On Sept. 18th from 8:30am – 3:30pm 8 volunteers came together to weed, harvest and clean up the amazing garden space known as Gardengate in Brock. As the group first gathered around some coffee and doughnuts, Robert Wright the Program Coordinator at Gardengate asked the crowd if they’d like to do a bit of a tour and chat or just get to work; their response “Get to Work!” and that was the theme for the day.

This Day of Caring took place at Gardengate which is a horticulture program, small social enterprise but most importantly a space of healing and recovery for individuals living with addictions or mental health conditions.

With nearly 700 volunteers putting in over 3450 volunteer hours in less than three years, a lot of work, learning, and connecting is getting done at United Way Days of Caring®.

The idea is simple: an organization has a project that has been sitting on the backburner (like a new fence or a space painted), and a local business has a team of eager volunteers ready to get the job done. But it’s not just about the fence, it’s also about building a sense of community investment through volunteerism and connecting people with different skills, knowledge, and backgrounds. It’s about team-building and having the chance to learn about United Way supported programs available in our region.

Our thanks to Interior Community Savings for their tremendous work and constant commitment to community.

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