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Caravan of Care Raises Over $20,000 for Vulnerable Youth

Kamloops, B.C. – Local industry professionals and community members came together to raise a grand total of $21,125 to support young people experiencing barriers to safe and reliable housing.

United Way BC and A Way Home Kamloops benefit from local fundraiser

Kamloops, B.C. – Local industry professionals and community members came together to raise a grand total of $21,125 to support young people experiencing barriers to safe and reliable housing.

Nathaniel Martin, who works at Highland Valley Copper Mine, brought together many generous local trades-related companies to support homeless youth and youth who are aging out of foster care without parental guidance and the wraparound services of United Way’s Community Funds. His Caravan of Care initiative rolled through town on Friday May 7, and online donations on his GoFundMe page flowed in all week.

The caravan of company trucks drove from Riverside Park, across Overlanders Bridge to the United Way office at Tranquille and Clapperton Road in North Kamloops. Here, the drivers delivered their cheques drive-by style, in their vehicles, to Katie Neustaeter of United Way BC, and Sadie Hunter of A Way Home Kamloops.

The success of the event is all thanks to the following contributors:

  • Brad Johnson – Weir Minerals
  • Tyler Christiansen – Cyclone Hydrovac
  • Jason Bossert – Sher Holding
  • Darcy Anderson – Thompson Valley Restoration
  • Katherine Ray – Molycop
  • Calvyn Coetzer- BTA Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Jo Berry – RUNClub
  • Wayne Richardson – Runners Sole
  • Eric Bahnsen – Norcan Fluid Power
  • Ed LaPierre- Lapper Security
  • Tom Shumka – Global Physical Asset Management (Kelowna)
  • Steve Prystie – Polycorp Ltd (Surrey)
  • Jeff Winger – Progressive Rubber Industries (Kamloops)
  • Garret Hunter – GH Innovations (Kamloops)
  • Dr Miranda Du Preez (in memory of Aaron Monson)

“I have hopes this might become an annual event to showcase a multitude of industries that care about the future of these vulnerable members of our community.”

-Nathaniel Martin, event organizer

“Needless to say, the last year has been difficult and exhausting for charitable organizations. Our work at United Way is rewarding because we know we are helping to improve lives in meaningful ways, but we have also been feeling the great weight of our region’s needs during a pandemic year. For someone like Nathaniel to come forward, completely independent, and rally this kind of support was the encouragement we needed just when we needed it. The Caravan of Care was a wonderful reminder that we never do this work alone, and that good people do great things every single day just because they want to make a better world for all. We’re so thankful.”

– Katie Neustaeter, Executive Director, United Way BC

“Community-driven support like this is about so much more than raising dollars. Through action, the community is letting the vulnerable youth in Kamloops know they are not alone, that people care about them, and that they are valued. You can’t put a price on that impact. We are beyond grateful for Nathaniel and all of those who rallied together in this amazing example of being rooted in action.”

– Sadie Hunter, Executive Director, A Way Home Kamloops

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