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Lack of access to menstrual products is a widespread issue. You can help.

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We’ve done the research. Half of everyone who menstruates in BC – women, girls, non-binary people, and trans folx – have struggled to buy products at some point in their life. More than a quarter have gone through a period without having menstrual products whatsoever. And not having the product you need when you need it can make staying connected to community difficult.

That means that single mothers are choosing between buying tampons or food for their families, and trans and non-binary kids are scrambling in washrooms, putting together makeshift pads that don’t suit their needs.

Too many families skip out on social events – like going to the library or the pool – because it’s easier to stay home than risk bleeding in public.

People are missing school or leaving work, and too many people face the additional challenges of homelessness, living with a disability, or just the stigma around having a period at all. It isn’t easy to ask for help, or know where to find it.

United Way’s Period Promise is helping out

When people have access to the product they need, it improves their health and well-being and makes it easier for them to stay connected.

And when they know that free product is available when they need it, it makes it easier for them to go to school or work, or contribute to their community.

United Way’s Period Promise campaign is committed to making it easier for everybody to access the product they need, when they need it.

Every donation of tampons, pads, cups, or underwear raises awareness, reduces stigma, and tackles the vulnerability and isolation caused by period poverty. And financial contributions help us purchase product so that we can get it to people in our community.

Get involved and make a difference

The Period Promise campaign takes place in May & June each year, and we’re asking everybody to be a part of the solution.

It’s easy to help. Financial gifts make it possible for us to purchase tampons, pads, cups, and underwear, and donated product can quickly get into the hands of somebody who needs it.

You can even organize a Period Promise campaign to collect donations in your community – like in your school, your workplace or union, or even a socially-distanced drop-off with your neighbours. We’ve got an entire toolkit – full of printable posters and social shareables – that make that as easy as possible.

Want to get involved?

Organize a campaign, donate product, or make a financial gift. Every action counts!

United Way’s Period Promise is helping out

1,500,000+ menstrual products distributed and counting

To dozens of community organizations in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Central & Northern Vancouver Island, Thompson Nicola Cariboo, and Southern Interior over the past 5 years, thanks to the help of our donors and partnering organizations. This has made a big difference.

More than 95% of community organizations are asked by their clientele if they provide free menstrual products, or know where they can be found, and more than 80% of the organizations that give them out are dependent on donations from the public through campaigns like United Ways’ Period Promise.