100 More Homes Penticton

Working collaboratively to build a system of housing and supports to prevent and address homelessness in Penticton

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Southern Interior Region

100 More Homes Penticton is a group of community leaders who came together in 2016 initially to seek housing solutions and support for 100 vulnerable people in Penticton by July 2018. In 18 months of collaborative work, 133 people were housed. Individuals’ collaboration produced a collective voice to enrich support systems for those experiencing homelessness and enhance communication and education to the broader community. United Way British Columbia is the backbone organization supporting the collective.

While the initial goal has been met, there still remains a significant need in the community.

100 More Homes believes that every Penticton resident should have housing that is safe, accessible, appropriate, and affordable. For the Steering Committee, a society is successful when it provides equitable and inclusive opportunities for all and supports people when they are facing challenges in their lives.

The group was established to respond in a coordinated way to the ongoing and increasing numbers of people facing homelessness in Penticton and the associated health issues. The Steering Committee has generated huge successes for the community. It continues to passionately support vulnerable people in the community with the goal of preventing and addressing homelessness.

In 2022, 100 More Homes and its member organizations entered into a 3-year Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Penticton regarding collaboration around homelessness and non-market housing planning.