Major Giving

Philanthropic gifts have the power to fuel lasting community impact.

Our generous donors transform the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable people every year.

By investing $10,000 or more annually into your community, you will join this inspiring group of philanthropic leaders. Becoming a philanthropic donor unites you with others who share your passion and local love in British Columbia.

Our team is here to help you explore your philanthropic passions and ensure your investment makes the change you want to see in your community.

Start your gift

If you would like to discuss the impact you could make with a philanthropic gift, please contact us.

Benefits of making a philanthropic gift

Philanthropic Support

Explore and achieve your philanthropic passions with a dedicated Manager of Philanthropy.

Engagement Opportunities

Receive exclusive engagement and volunteer opportunities for you and your family to see firsthand the impact of your work.

Community Tours

Take a tour of a local neighbourhood with our program experts to learn about the work going on in our communities.

Exclusive Events

Join your peers and community leaders at special events to hear about the impact you’ve made and to recognize your support.

Personalized updates

Receive tailored impact reports and updates that relate to your philanthropic interests and the difference you are making.