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Your care and compassion for the wellbeing of others inspires United Way BC’s work to drive positive, lasting change in our local communities. Your end of year donations help reach more of your neighbours.

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British Columbia has a unique set of challenges. Rapidly rising costs are putting pressure on grocery bills. After-school and summer programs for local kids or support services for isolated seniors are luxuries that many simply can’t afford right now. United Way British Columbia is uniquely set up to overcome these challenges. 

Thanks to donors like you, we can provide nutritious, culturally appropriate meals to those in need, give local kids access to high-quality, after-school programs, and lift isolated seniors from loneliness.

Give a gift before the end of the year to support those in your community who need it most.

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Your end of year donations will help give a happy start to the new year.

Make a difference with your year-end donation

Your gifts helped provide safe spaces for your neighbours to find support, resources, and connection with each other. Here is some of the work that your donations provided this past year, and will continue doing in 2023. 

Food Security

Regional Food Hubs create innovative solutions that address specific needs in each community. These hubs provide access to nutritious, culturally appropriate food, as well as food literacy and wellness programming, and wrap-around services such as mental health support, employment services, childcare and more. United Way offers 18 regional food hubs and supports seven food recovery organizations across the province, providing 2.5 million meals to children and families in support of food security. 

Children & Youth

In June, many kids lose access to the out-of-school support that they rely on. United Way BC’s School’s Out Summer program gives kids access to free or low-cost quality summer programs critical to their social and emotional wellbeing, academic success, and physical health. This year, 33 United Way BC School’s Out Summer program saw 4,000 school-age kids and, most importantly, delivered almost 207,000 snacks.   

Urgent Response

We welcomed people displaced by the war in Ukraine. Your donations helped provide support for Ukrainians arriving in British Columbia to access housing, transportation, and basic personal needs, such as toiletries and hygiene products. United Way BC fully screened 425 volunteers who provided approximately 3,000 volunteer hours to help ensure our new Ukrainian neighbours have what they need to begin their lives in Canada. 

Community Connection

The Hi Neighbour program is operating in 18 communities across BC, with additional neighbourhoods coming online in 2023. United Way BC Community Builders and Specialists work directly in local communities and support residents by creating events and resource hubs that create community connections. It’s neighbours helping neighbours – for everyday moments of connection, but also in response to disasters like floods and wildfires.  

Claiming your end-of-year donations?

Giving feels good. The bonus is that it comes with charitable tax credits. Here are some common questions you may have about submitting your end of year donations. 

Drive positive, lasting change in your community.

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