Wildfire Recovery Fund

Bringing together the power of many to help those affected by BC Wildfires.

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Starting in 2021, United Way BC has been working with communities and individuals impacted by the BC wildfires in their recovery efforts.

Your donations helps us support a variety of programs and essential supports that are critical to BC residents as they recover emotionally and physically from the devastation of wildfires within our local communities. Funds go towards addressing important needs like food assistance, trauma, and mental health support.

Recent wildfires devasted many areas of the province, including in the Southern Interior, Thompson Nicola Cariboo, and Northern BC. Donations to the recovery fund help support communities in these regions.

United Way is in a unique position as we have connections throughout the region that allow us to respond to the needs as they arise from our “on the ground” community partners. In addition, we are collaborating with local response to ensure we are working cohesively and effectively alongside other resources and supports.

Our Impact

United Way British Columbia has evolved over the years, embracing an expanded role that tackles critical social issues at the local level. Increasingly this has included responding to urgent events like wildfires.

We have seen an increasing number of wildfires each year, affecting communities in devastating ways. Statistically speaking, 2023 is the worst wildfire season on record. Read more about our impact through our stories or reports below.

Our assistance doesn’t stop when the immediate crisis ends. We are committed to the well-being of our communities and work alongside those affected through recovery to help create long-term sustainability. Through our programs like Hi Neighbour and 211 British Columbia, we can respond quickly and work with community leaders and partners to meet needs.

To learn more about our impact please read the below reports:

To learn more about our impact in Northern BC, please see https://uwbc.ca/stories/2023/helping-those-during-the-wildfires-in-northern-bc/

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