A little goes a long way.

Your donation, regardless of size, will help provide support for after-school programs for kids, people struggling with food insecurity, and seniors who feel lonely and disconnected from their community.

Here is how your donation supports your community in BC:

✔ provides more nutritious, culturally appropriate meals to those in need.

✔ gives more local kids access to high-quality after-school programs.

✔ lifts more isolated seniors from loneliness.

Your donation makes a difference

2023 has brought unprecedented challenges to British Columbia. Our communities are facing tough times, and the rising cost of living is hitting families hard. Because of this, the demand for local support services has never been greater.

Our local children deserve the opportunity to thrive through after-school and summer programs. United Way BC provides funding for 159 School’s Out and School’s Out Summer program sites across BC for more than 6,700 kids.

Isolated seniors in our communities need companionship and care. Our Healthy Aging programs focus on activities that foster independence and social connection to help nearly 38,000 seniors at 331 sites across the province.

And for many, groceries are becoming increasingly expensive. United Way BC operates 21 regional food hubs and partners with 120 community agencies to help provide dignified access to food. Last year we delivered 3.1 million meals and 215,000 hampers to more than 81,500 individuals and families.

Be here. For each other.

Your donation will help vulnerable people in your community.

Help us change lives in British Columbia

Your gifts helped provide safe spaces for your neighbours to find support, resources, and connection with each other. Unfortunately, rising costs mean there is more work to do in 2024. Here is some of the work that your donations provided this past year and will continue into the new year. 

Food security

United Way BC’s Regional Food Hubs:

✔ Provide access to nutritious, culturally appropriate food.

✔ Develop food literacy and wellness programming, and wrap-around services such as mental health support, employment services, childcare.

✔ Delivered 3.1 million meals and 215,000 food hampers to 81,500 individuals and families last year.

After-school programs

United Way BC’s Schools Out and School’s Out Summer programs:

✔ Provide a vital, safe space to connect with new friends and mentors.

✔ Give kids fresh, nutritious snacks, educational activities, field trips, and emotional support for healthy development.

✔ Provided more than 6,700 children at 159 sites across BC with support last year.

Connections for seniors

United Way BC’s Seniors’ programs:

✔ Keep older adults active, connected, and engaged which help reduce isolation and enhance quality of life.

✔ Provide support with day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping and light housekeeping so they can continue to live independently.

✔ Delivered 331 valuable programs for over 37,000 seniors in British Columbia.

Your donation goes a long way

…to help drive positive, lasting change in your community by strengthening neighbourhoods and communities in British Columbia. 

Claiming your donation 

Giving feels good. The bonus is that it comes with charitable tax credits. Here are some common questions you may have about submitting your donations.