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Food Security - United Way BC

Food Security Fund

Almost 3 in 5 Canadians (57%) say that it is currently difficult to feed their household. Will you help tackle food insecurity in your community?

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Here. For fuller plates and hearts.

1 in 6 Canadians live in a household facing a food shortage.  

With rising costs of food, gas, and accommodations in conjunction with supply chain issues, and COVID-related unemployment, many British Columbians turn to local community organizations to meet their nutritional needs. 

Since the pandemic I’ve been unable to make my ends meet.”  

Amy, a single parent of two growing children, was having a difficult time putting food on the table for her family. I struggled to decide on which items I should strike off the list in order to lower my spending for the week” she shared. 

Amy turned to a United Way BC Regional Community Food Hub in her community for help. She was provided with a food hamper full of perishable foods and locally recovered, fresh and nutritious produce. Her family wouldn’t have to go without the food they needed that week. “With your help, I was able to pick up the items that are substantially important to our daily consumption,” she says.

Be here. For fuller plates and hearts.

Support individuals and families who need that little extra help to put food on the table.

Every community member deserves to have food on their table year-round to support their wellness and ability to thrive. United Way Community Food Hubs are here to help fill the gaps and strengthen vital connections in community.  There are already 18 Regional Food Hubs across British Columbia, with 2 more currently in development. 

View our interactive United Way Regional Community Food Hub map here.

Local issues require local solutions. United Way BC works with partners and organizations to identify food insecurities in small towns; rural, remote, and Indigenous communities; as well as city neighborhoods. Your donation will provide healthy and nutritious food to the people – in your local community – who need it most. 

Be Here. For fuller plates and hearts. Donate today. For tomorrow.  

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Food security is much more than ensuring everyone has food on the table. 

Individual and cultural food needs are respected, wrap-around supports are provided, vital connections are strengthened, and resilient food systems are built. 

Emergency food supports

Food Security Fund - United Way BC

In the North Okanagan region, the Land to Table Network is a steward for United Way’s Regional Community Food Hub, addressing challenges and opportunities within the emergency food sector and increasing organizational capacity and impact.   

Through incredible community partnerships and the support from generous United Way BC donors, over 3,200 hampers and meals filled with local eggs, meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables were delivered to seniors, young families, and those impacted by the wildfires and floods of 2021. 

Culture connection through healthy cooking 

Food Security Fund - United Way BC

Food can provide more than just nutrition – meals done right can foster connection to community and to culture, resulting in healthy minds and spirits, too. 

Read more about how United Way BC funding allowed two community organizations in the Central & Northern Vancouver Island region to come together and provide local, cultural food to community members, while also demonstrating how traditional food can be sourced, prepared and shared within community.  

Food grants in rural Indigenous communities 

Healthy, nutritious food is far out of reach for many British Columbians living in rural, remote and Indigenous communities. In fact, almost 12% of households in rural BC are food insecure. 

Learn more about the Food Infrastructure Grants, co-funded by United Way BC, that enhance health and community well-being in rural, remote and Indigenous communities. 

Food Security Fund

It’s a human right to have access to food.

Your donation helps provide healthy and nutritious food to those who need it most.