United Way and the Nanaimo Homeless Coalition designate more than $775,000 in federal funding to combat homelessness

By Admin  |  June 27, 2021

United Way and the Nanaimo Homeless Coalition designate more than $775,000 in federal funding to combat homelessness 

Nanaimo, B.C. – This year, Nanaimo will see investments in important programs and support services for people experiencing homelessness, with the allocation of more than $775,000 funded through the Government of Canada’s Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy.

“This funding is urgently needed as Nanaimo continues to see a growth in people experiencing homelessness, and those on the brink of homelessness,” said Signy Madden, Executive Director, United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island. “Programs and services that are funded through Reaching Home support those most vulnerable in our community and give hope to our neighbours who need it most.”

Nanaimo is a designated community that receives annual funding from the Government of Canada through Reaching Home. United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island (UWCNVI) is the Community Entity (CE) for the Reaching Home initiative. As CE, it is the administrator for Federal Government funding and investment.

Funding is provided to Nanaimo through two project streams. For the 2021/2022 fiscal year, these investments will be allocated through:

$217,925 for Indigenous Homelessness – which provides funding to organizations that offer supports to meet the unique needs of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The intent is that the funding be provided to Indigenous organizations located in urban centres.

$558,147 for Designated Communities – which provides funding to organizations that help support people experiencing homelessness, while also working to reduce homelessness.

This year’s funding is supporting programs and services such as supportive housing, programs for young Indigenous mothers, tenancy support services and community outreach. For a full list of programs that have received funding for 2021-22, visit uwcnvi.ca.

Part of these funds will be allocated to the development of a Coordinated Access System (CAS) for Nanaimo. As part of the Federal Government’s Reaching Home investment, it is required for Nanaimo to have a CAS in place by March 31, 2022. CAS helps people facing homelessness access assistance in a coordinated and standardized way, which connects them with the support they need and places them into housing more efficiently.

UWCNVI is in its third year of a five-year contract as the administrator of Nanaimo’s annual federal Reaching Home funding. To see what programs were invested in for the 2020-21 year, please visit: www.uwcnvi.ca/rh-programs.

In addition to the annual Reaching Home funding, in 2020-21 Nanaimo received $1,254,634 in Reaching Home: COVID-19 emergency response funding for both streams – Indigenous Homelessness and Designated Communities. For a full list of programs that have received COVID-19 funding for 2021-22, visit uwcnvi.ca/rh-programs.

Organizations that are providing immediate supports to people experiencing homelessness during COVID-19 can apply for emergency grants of up to $2,000 at uwcnvi.ca/grants until June 15, 2021.

United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island acts as the liaison for Federal investments through Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy. All Canadian communities that receive Reaching Home funding are required to have a Community Advisory Board (CAB). In Nanaimo, the CAB are voting members of the Nanaimo Homeless Coalition (NHC), comprised of non-profit organizations, governments and concerned citizens who develop and drive solutions to end homelessness.

NHC makes recommendations to UWCNVI on how to invest Reaching Home funds in Nanaimo.

For more information about the Nanaimo Homeless Coalition and Reaching Home, visit nanaimohomelesscoalition.ca/reaching-home.

For more information about Reaching Home funding, visit: uwcnvi.ca/grants/reaching-home.




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Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy

Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy is the Government of Canada’s community-based program, aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness across Canada. This program provides funding to urban, Indigenous, rural and remote communities to help them address their local homelessness needs.